Molluskit slug and snail barrier

Form a defensive enclosure around your ornamentals, fruit and vegetables

The nature friendly alternative to pellets

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Why choose the Molluskit slug and snail barrier?


Shown to reduce slug and snail attack by 86%


Slugs and snails cannot overcome the barrier design


Slugs cannot enter below the ground


Help protect our environment from toxin pollution caused by pellets

An effective deterrent against slug attack

Molluskit is made primarily from recycled material and is completely harmless to crops, children, pets and wildlife.

The unique patent pending Molluskit slug and snail barrier has been scientifically proven* to be significantly more effective (86% efficacy) than pellets in preventing slug and snail attack.

*The Molluskit barrier has been independently tested using scientific conditions under the auspices of Scotland’s Rural College


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Ideal for allotment holders
Ideal for allotment holders
Protects ornamentals, fruit and vegetables
Protects ornamentals, fruit and vegetables
Easy to use and can also act as a riased bed system
Easy to use and can act as a raised bed system
Many years protection and cost savings
Many years of protection and cost savings
Bootstrap Themes

Ground breaking invention to prevent slug and snail damage

Molluskit is a new invention set to become the gardener’s ultimate defence against their nemesis – slugs and snails.

Following eight years of research and development, the new Molluskit barrier system will become a must have product for those constantly battling with an army of slugs and snails.

The average UK garden is estimated to be home to around 30,000 slugs and snails but only 5% of them are ever above ground at any one time.

The Molluskit barrier prevents slugs and snails from gaining access to plants and vegetables both on the surface and underground, deterred by a series of interlocking panels that, once connected, not only form an efficient protective barrier but also act as a raised bed.