How Molluskit works

The Molluskit barrier has been designed to provide a defensive enclosure around your ornamentals, fruit and vegetables.

In an independent scientific test on lettuce plants, conducted by Scotland’s Rural College, the Molluskit barrier was shown to reduce the number of slug damaged lettuces by 86%.

The specially designed ‘comb‘ element stops the molluscs from gaining access to plants and vegetables above ground whilst blocking access to the root or bulb systems.

The patent pending, non-toxic and nature friendly product, which can be bought exclusively from our online shop, has been scientifically proven to have 86% efficacy and has already attracted interest from the gardening, farming and organic communities.

How Molluskit works



Before installation, gardeners simply clear the area they want to cultivate and protect, then insert the ground panels and upper comb pieces into place.


Remember that you only have to do this once so taking care in ground preparation will be worthwhile.


Dig over / cultivate the area to be protected removing any slugs, snails and their eggs.


AFTER inserting the barrier and if necessary, use traps or release ground beetles or parasitic nematodes within the protected area. Should you choose to do so then one application of slug pellets could be administered.

Mike Inglis, inventor of Molluskit

Nature friendly slug and snail control

Mike Inglis, inventor of Molluskit, gives an insight into its development:

“Nothing is more devastating to a gardener than seeing the hours of work they have put into their plot destroyed overnight by an army of slugs and snails. It had happened to me time and again so I decided to find an alternative solution.

“I wanted to come up with a product that was non-toxic and long lasting, unlike slug pellets which are known to be harmful to both humans and wildlife when ingested and are only around 50% effective. There was a lot of tinkering about in my garden shed before a prototype was made at Gray’s School of Art where I studied as a design student. That design was then refined and defined over hundreds of hours of time-lapse video recorded laboratory experiments and ultimately field trials at Scotland’s Rural College (formerly Scottish Agricultural College).

“It has been a labour of love but due diligence and market intelligence has added to my belief that Molluskit could change the way gardeners, from the amateur, to the allotment holder, to the professional grower, tackle the destructive and costly global problem of slugs and snails.

“The Molluskit barrier is scientifically proven to be a more effective alternative: a natural way to prevent slug and snail damage without harming the environment or killing the earthworm – nature’s own natural gardener. The system is available in multiple kit sizes and we also offer a ‘tailor made’ service for particular projects.”