Molluskit - Effective slug and snail deterrent


How long have slugs been with us and what is their lifespan ?

We have had slugs in this country from just after the last Ice Age and they can live up to six years.

What is the difference between a slug and a snail ?

Basically, they are identical except for the shell.

I heard that slugs actually do good in the garden – it’s just that they destroy my seedlings and ornamentals !

Quite correct, they eat and decompose rotting vegetation as well as your valuable plants. Perhaps rather than destroy by toxin pellets, a barrier to protect those valued plants would be the answer.

Are molluscs everywhere in the world ?

Indeed, gastropods are a global problem given the right climatic conditions. They are the second largest animal class after insects.

We are led to believe in the slowness of a snail yet they seem to get about my garden pretty well ?

Generally speaking that is true although the garden snail can actually move about 55 yards per hour.

I recently heard something about some new breed of gastropod – is this true ?

This will probably be the Spanish stealth slug ( Arion flagellu ) . It is spreading fast in the UK. It is threatening to take over in this country as it already has in Norway.


Did You Know:

  • A slug lays 20-100 eggs several times a year
  • Unlike snails that hibernate during winter, slugs are active whenever the temperature is above 5°C
  • A slug grinds your garden fruit and vegetables with an organ called a radula, which has around 27,000 teeth-like protrusions
  • Garden snails can move about 55 yards per hour
  • All snails are classified as mollusks because of the hard shell protecting their bodies.
  • Many people confuse slugs and snails – snails have shells, slugs do not.
  • Snails live less than one inch below the surface so they can escape to the surface when it rains.
  • Snails eat about 5 times their body weight in a week
  • A cubic metre of garden will on average contain up to 200 slugs





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